Narratives, Part 1

The development of adult erotic narratives lets people form a foundation for an imaginative life together. Imagination and curiosity are at the heart of erotic desire, rather than its fringes. Understanding how narratives can express these things, and how they are built ‘safely enough’, offers a way of maintaining & developing desire over the course of a relationship of any length.

Desire takes shape

For relationships that consciously choose to balance desire and commitment, these narratives let partners (in any number) guides desire into taking its own shape, with hopeful possibilities for lengthy committed relationships.

Thrilling autonomy

This is a most thrilling example of how autonomy and differentiation operate in committed relationships, including those that play out as ongoing long-term connection(s). When, where and how those narratives play out expresses the balance, and true character of their union. It increases overall security, even as it sometimes threatens it with a higher level of intimacy.

A series of blog posts

This theme of Narratives will be played out in a series of blog posts.

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