Counseling And Therapy For Relationships & Individuals

I offer counseling and therapy for relationships, couples and individuals who want to understand and respond differently to problems they face. When you face difficult times, relationship struggles or grief, a therapist must make a solid connection with you to provide a helpful influence.

Success can be measured by how you choose to think, feel and take action differently — now and in the future.

Commitments To Your Counseling And Therapy

• I seek to develop an accurate picture about you, understand the problems you present and effectively address them with you. I ask questions about your life experience and background. I get a picture of how you affect others.

• I will take care to speak with you simply and truthfully, as an individual or relationship client. The counseling or therapy connection should help you understand your feelings, stimulate your thinking and see your progress clearly.

• Ultimately, it’s our relationship that produces the most lasting results and change (validated by numerous studies.) I believe in collaborative alliance. This means working together towards your goals, built on direct & honest messages.

• Eroticism, sexuality and relational diversity typically help me understand your sense of self, and how desire and commitment are helping you to develop and mature. I am Kink-Knowledgeable, and have nearly 20 years of experience with consensually non-monogamous clientele.

• I have long welcomed the greatest possible diversity of clients into my Seattle, WA office. Diversity includes racial, cultural, sexual and gender identities, and a wide range of committed relationship structures and types. I constantly increase my awareness of racism – of constructing anyone as an Other – and its effects on mental & social health.

• We may develop a longer or shorter-term relationship, working continuously or intermittently. Your best judgement ultimately decides.

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Reviews (re-printed with permission):

2017: “You challenged us, offered us insight and exploration, led us in directions that were both frightening and exciting. We have grown tremendously as a couple and I have grown equally as a man. That is not to say that we don’t have room for more growth, but you have given us the tools to move on joyfully into the unknown. I am deeply thankful for your guidance.”

“Thank you for all your guidance. I am more free in mind and heart and carrying less guilt and fear. We are a stronger couple, more open and honest and able to have conversations never possible before our time with you. I appreciate the space you created, the sharing of ideas, your commitment to helping us, your compassion and sincerity. Your directness to just the right level”

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