Relational/Sexual Therapy

Sexuality is a major area of the human self. In relationships, managing erotic & sexual differences often define primary partner narratives.

Sexuality inclusive

Sexuality inclusive therapy also requires a trauma-informed approach. After learning developmental, sexual, relational, social & medical histories, I work with clients individually & together to achieve their goals. A developmental approach allows me to work with them on personal growth both individually and relationally. 

Integrated treatment

Relationship therapists once routinely referred clients with sexual problems to sex therapists.  David Schnarch & Ruth Morehouse, (Ph.Ds) with whom I trained and consulted from 1998-2008, pioneered the integration of relationship and sex therapy in the early 1990s. (see Therapy Links)

Specific training

In 2008 I began two years of training, consultation & supervision with James “Jim” Maddock (AASECT President 1987-89), a brilliant clinician, educator and sexologist, and his wife & clinic partner Noel Larson. They combined systemic theoretical training with remarkable clinical skills.

Amongst other distinguished clinical educators, I have trained multiple times with Esther Perel and Marty Klein and recently with Suzanne Iasenza. All of them focus on integrating sexual and relational therapy.

I am a member of the Clinical Social Work Association, the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality and the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom.