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A less-is-more selection of solidly reviewed books that influenced me.
alibris sourced by local stores; check BetterWorld and Thriftbooks too.

Relationship therapy

David Schnarch, Ph.D. “Passionate Marriage” “Intimacy and Desire

Esther Perel: “Mating In Captivity” & “The State Of Affairs

Marty Klein, Ph.D.: “Sexual Intelligence

Suzanne Iasenza, Ph.D. “Transforming Sexual Narratives


Thomas Moore: “The Soul of Sex”, “Dark Eros: The Imagination of Sadism (2nd Revis.)

Michael Bader, Ph.D. “Arousal

Emily Nagoski, Ph.D.: “Come As You Are

Justin Lehmiller: “Tell Me What You Want


Dr. Liz Powell: “Building Open Relationships

Pepper Mint: “Playing Fair

Dr. Elisabeth Sheff: “When Someone You Love Is Polyamorous

Adam Phillips: “Monogamy

Kathy Labriola: “Love in Abundance: a counselor’s advice on open relationships


Joseph Bean: “Leathersex

Midori: “Wild Side Sex

Princess Kali: “Enough to Make You Blush

Guy Baldwin: “Slavecraft: Roadmaps for Erotic Servitude

Jay Wiseman: “SM 101