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Non-monogamous people

Non-monogamous relationships have always been a part of civilized life. Yet non-monogamy has also evolved rapidly the last 50 years. It’s entered the mainstream in many societies, although within legal limits and various cultural constraints.

Realities of non-monogamy

Yet non-monogamous people are most often raised in monogamy-oriented households, or within that dominant culture. Therefore, for many, managing the realities of non-monogamy can take years to grasp, much less practice “ethically.”


Ethical non-monogamy (ENM) is a functional framework. However, it requires impeccable transparency and detailed, customized and properly modifiable agreements. ENM tries to eliminate ‘cheating’ (the covert outsourcing of sex and/or emotional fulfillment) with tireless personal integrity. Integrity means consistently saying and doing the same thing.

Continuous development

ENM is a continuous personal development process – whether you begin adult relational life non-monogamously, or transition to it. 

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