About Robert Odell, LICSW

As of 2021, I have been a licensed psychotherapist in Seattle for 22 years.  I earned my Master’s degree in Social Work in 1994. (Further detail in the intake form’s disclosure statement.) My professional bio is here.

I am a member of the Clinical Social Work Association, the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality and the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom.

I’m white, cisgendered and heterosexual, raised with privilege in a New York City that provided daily physical contact with diverse people for 28 years. I’ve purposely lived and practiced in places and settings that expanded my understanding.

I disclose the personal information here that I believe is relevant for clients to know:

  • Parental lineages in Romania & Ukraine, both Jewish. Holocaust destroyed paternal line
  • Trauma history: Witnessed suicide at 9, fatal accident at 32. Sexually molested (10), assaulted at 18 (unreported);
  • Personal mental healthcare: Individual or relationship therapy client, mid-20s to mid-50s
  • Grief & caregiving: Father (Alzheimer’s-type dementia); mother (7 yrs. distant caregiving & management); late older brother (bipolar disorder)
  • Relational: History of serial monogamy and ENM; currently married
  • Parent: One adult daughter
  • Kink: community active (including research, educational services)

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