Who I Work With


My primary specialization is working with relationships. Yet, as part of that work, I also see relationship clients on an individual basis.

Individual support

Personal growth in relationships sometimes requires individual support.  Therapists must be specifically trained to be able to see clients individually during the course of their relational therapy.

Initial appointments

Initial appointments are initially dedicated to learning more about personal, family, social and sexual histories –  “multi-level” interviews. The purpose is to understand your personal development path from family-of-origin (including extended and stepfamily) through to your experience within adult relationships (including chosen family.) Erotic and sexual history is essential to understanding my clients.

Kink & non-monogamy

I do work with individual clients who are kink-identified or non-monogamous. Often, these clients are at an early stage in those identity expressions. Their growth depends on working within an accepting/affirming relationship provided by a dedicated professional. 

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