Relationship & Couples Therapy: Can We Master Jealousy?


Therapy For Jealousy

As a relationship therapist, I want to find ways that my clients can understand and master their jealousy, reducing the damage it can cause, and facilitating a process of personal and relational development. Jealousy is a stressful signal that partner differentiation …

Sex & Relationships: Slow Sex (OM)

I’m beginning to recommend Slow Sex by Nicole Daedone and Orgasmic Meditation (OM) as a suggested “active approach” for couples in search of new¬†desire and arousal. Apart from the technique of OM, and the larger practice of Slow Sex,

Seattle Relationship & Couples Therapy: Congratulations to David Schnarch

My clinical mentor David Schnarch was recently awarded the 2013 American Psychological Association Award for Outstanding Contributions to Independent Practice by the American Psychological Association.

Apart from various references in some other blog posts, I haven’t acknowledged on this site …