Archetypes & Narratives

I was reviewing some literature lately that referred briefly to some traditional Dominant/submissive “archetypes”. The ones mentioned included: Teacher (or Professor)/Student (or Intern), Parent/Child, Captor/Prisoner, and Doctor/Patient. That caused me to think about Narratives, my eight part blog series posted here from 12/19/18 – 7/27/19. Power/authority Archetype is a great word. I think of synonyms like […]

Tension (Narratives, Part 8)

Before picking up on any of the many threads that might come from Narratives, Part 7, I think it’s best in this follow-up to go in the ‘opposite’ direction instead. That would be a focus on the single most important concept in adult erotic narrative formation, before tempting any others. Eros & the human condition […]

Narratives, Part 7

Let’s look at different narratives here in Part 7. Each creates a tension that frames an alternate version of reality turned on its head. Normal social rules are suspended. Adults can creatively seek out these experiences, wanting to feel alive and free. Keeping it brief I’m focusing on one and two word narratives here to […]

Narratives, Part 4

          This series on erotic and sexual “narratives” is designed to shed light on one way that people in committed relationships can understand, re-learn and continue to develop their desire, including for one another. Desire can recur with surprising consistency, if the partners’ levels of personal development can continue apace. Tension, […]