What We Might Talk About, Part II (of a series)

A Brief Talk … Here’s Part II of “What We Might Talk About”, an ongoing review of therapy-related terms that occasionally come up in the office. None of this content is linked to any expert, or research or tradition; it’s meant to be a more informal glimpse. Points are covered briefly, deliberately acknowledging that your […]

Relationship Therapy: How Long Will It Take?

Couples seeking relationship and couples therapy in Seattle sometimes ask a particular question when we set up a first appointment on the phone: “How long will couples therapy take?” I’d like to discuss some common reasons for that question, and then offer a different take on it. The Common Reasons The usual curiosity behind that […]

About Trust

About Trust Most of us talk about trust in others. It’s known as a cornerstone of committed relationships. The word carries a big psychological and emotional impact, as loaded as the word “love” or “commitment”. Instead of trust being the explosive charge in a broadside complaint or attack (“You can’t be trusted!”), it can become a […]