Narratives, Part 2

How narratives are formed

Erotic narratives are not necessarily in story form (beginning-middle-end, etc.) The erotic doesn’t come from a simple, linear, logical or sequential place. And it doesn’t necessarily take a fixed shape. To be continued…

Starting with clues

Mystery is a well-established part of the DNA of erotic arousal. And so therefore is curiosity and learning, two powerful human engines, that are often underfed in the rest of life.

Inevitable boredom

This is one way to define sexual boredom – the belief that sexually you’ve seen and done it all with a partner, that you have at best a workable “sexual script”, outside of which no one really goes. To emerge, I believe partners must affirm that they want, and choose,  an imaginative life together – not a repetitive one. This is a big, all-important step.


Committed partners don’t have to feel mystified about how to re-engage this way. We can piece together narratives, using what we know of our erotic “templates”. We’ll look at templates more fully in future posts, and how they fit into narratives.

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