Narratives, Part 2

How narratives are formed Erotic narratives are not necessarily in story form (beginning-middle-end, etc.) The erotic doesn’t come from a simple, linear, logical or sequential place. And it doesn’t necessarily take a fixed shape. To be continued… Starting with clues Mystery is a well-established part of the DNA of erotic arousal. And so therefore is […]

Narratives, Part 1

The development of adult erotic narratives lets people form a foundation for an imaginative life together. Imagination and curiosity are at the heart of erotic desire, rather than its fringes. Understanding how narratives can express these things, and how they are built, offers a way of maintaining & developing desire over the course of a […]

Skills Before Tools

When I meet couples for the first appointment, one partner often describes his or her therapeutic goals like this:¬†“We just need some tools to help us with our communication”. Couples Use Tools To Practice Skills I’ve asked many couples clients what they mean by a “tool.” However it’s described, they are referring to something¬†outside of […]