Can We Master Jealousy?

Therapy For Jealousy As a relationship therapist, I want to find ways that my clients can understand and master their jealousy, reducing the damage it can cause, and facilitating a process of personal and relational development. Jealousy is a stressful signal that partner differentiation and development in both could take place. At various points in this post, I describe ways of thinking […]

Desire Speaks

A Book On Desire The work of Katharine Angel, Unmastered: A Book on Desire Most Difficult To Tell, stands apart in its level of intimacy, vulnerability and courage. It sketches out an emotionally and physically aware psychology of heterosexual feminine desire, loosely but perceptively journaled in the context of an actual relationship. It begins with […]

Who’s Afraid Of Couples Therapy?

This attention grabbing title (at least for clients and therapists) is for my current continuing education program. It’s a group of eight interviews, with Q&A, with some of the top practitioners in the couples therapy field, with some emphasis on sexuality. The series is sponsored by Psychotherapy Networker, to whom I give credit for innovative professional education offerings. […]

Love, Sex and Power in Relationships

I am looking forward to beginning this five session tele-seminar today with Esther Perel and Tammy Nelson. I can consult with them regarding specific clients, so if you are interested in my requesting consultation for you, please call or e-mail me ASAP. They bring different therapeutic orientations to the subject of sex. While I have long felt an affinity […]