Narratives, Part 5

Imagine you are going to co-author a story (or a book) about your relationship. Imagine it using tales of your successful commitments and accomplishments – but also the story of your desire for one another. Lesser among equals Though of equal importance to your relationship, desire does not compete well for time and energy. It […]

Narratives, Part 1

The development of adult erotic narratives lets people form a foundation for an imaginative life together. Imagination and curiosity are at the heart of erotic desire, rather than its fringes. Understanding how narratives can express these things, and how they are built, offers a way of maintaining & developing desire over the course of a […]

What We Might Talk About, Part II (of a series)

A Brief Talk … Here’s Part II of “What We Might Talk About”, an ongoing review of therapy-related terms that occasionally come up in the office. None of this content is linked to any expert, or research or tradition; it’s meant to be a more informal glimpse. Points are covered briefly, deliberately acknowledging that your […]

Resilient Vision: To Recover From An Affair

A Vision Of Resilient: Recover From An Affair Resilient vision of Monogamy: Monogamous couples who decide to recover from an affair embark on a jointly heroic journey. They will trade pain and complexity for growth and a remarkable slice of wisdom. They give up the mutual accusations. Partners stop taking the other’s affairs as a reflection on their […]

Poly Couples Going Mainstream

Much has been published in the last 15 years about polyamory, – or the more familiar “poly”, in the public discourse. Fortunately, very early in my couples practice, I began to work with poly couples clients who had standing (and evolving) agreements about how (or whether )they would practice sexual, emotional, non-exclusive/non-monogamous relationships. A Brief […]