Some Thoughts On Agreements

My relationship and couples clients know that I usually explore how they “agree”.  As a description of therapy, ‘finding agreements’ may sound rudimentary or simplistic. It may be confused with mediation and negotiation.  One party might think that finding agreement means somebody’s got to sell themselves out. I believe the truth is very different. Helping […]

Marriage Friendly

Do Couples Therapists Support Marriage? Couples therapy is facing questions as to whether it is “pro marriage” or “marriage friendly.” Couples seeking treatment are evidently anxious that therapists might misunderstand what the partners want in marriages that look badly damaged & discouraging. There may be two partners who are in fact determined to stay married. […]

Skills Before Tools

When I meet couples for the first appointment, one partner often describes his or her therapeutic goals like this: “We just need some tools to help us with our communication”. Couples Use Tools To Practice Skills I’ve asked many couples clients what they mean by a “tool.” However it’s described, they are referring to something outside of […]