Thanks to Bisexuality-Aware Professionals Directory

Professional Directory For Bisexual People

Thanks to the Bisexuality-Aware Professionals Directory for including me recently. You can click on any state for their listings, including mine in Washington State. Integrating human sexuality into individual and relational therapy should include a good understanding of bisexuals. This directory is one of the few that require evidence of direct experience and training with bisexual clients. If you have questions about my practice, please feel free to contact me here.

Bisexuality –> Fluid

Bisexuality, or the more expansive term fluid sexuality (no assumption of only two genders ) is a common form of human sexual behavior. While no clear genetic markers have yet to be found, they are likely linked or identical to those already identified with homosexuality.

Social System

Although bisexuals are more fluid sexually, there are anxieties projected onto them by  straight hetero, Queer, gay or lesbian populations. There is also much more understanding today than in the past. But community development remains difficult due to panoramic stigma.

These and other issues are involved in working with bisexuals. Future blog posts to come


Relationship & Couples Therapy: BDSM Likely A Mainstream/Majority Practice

Is BDSM becoming a mainstream/majority practice? Thanks to Dr. Justin Lehmiller for his blog article, which supports the idea of a convergence or merger into a new hybrid of sexual behavior.


Monogamous, Monogamish, Poly

I’ve previously addressed the idea that there can be a dialogue and development of relational practices between monogamous, “monogamish” and polyamorous people. If we can digest and excrete “regressive-competitive” attitudes, people can develop their relationships and themselves more dynamically.


We may want the clarity of bright lines between “vanilla”, and “kink” like BDSM. I would argue that our digitally-driven social blender will evolve sexuality into an endless variety of practices and relational structures,

Jealousy Skills

The management of jealousy is one of the primary skill groups that people will need to handle the most typical tensions and problems. (UPDATE: if you are reading this post and are curious about jealousy, please check out this more recent blog post for a review of jealousy in its many forms, with helpful therapy tips!)