What We Might Talk About, Part II (of a series)

A Brief Talk … Here’s Part II of “What We Might Talk About”, an ongoing review of therapy-related terms that occasionally come up in the office. None of this content is linked to any expert, or research or tradition; it’s meant to be a more informal glimpse. Points are covered briefly, deliberately acknowledging that your […]

Relationship Therapy: How Long Will It Take?

Couples seeking relationship and couples therapy in Seattle sometimes ask a particular question when we set up a first appointment on the phone: “How long will couples therapy take?” I’d like to discuss some common reasons for that question, and then offer a different take on it. The Common Reasons The usual curiosity behind that […]

Marriage Friendly

Do Couples Therapists Support Marriage? Couples therapy is facing questions as to whether it is “pro marriage” or “marriage friendly.” Couples seeking treatment are evidently anxious that therapists might misunderstand what the partners want in marriages that look badly damaged & discouraging. There may be two partners who are in fact determined to stay married. […]