A little over 18 months

18 Months Away

It’s been a little over 18 months since my last post to this blog. I used the time to begin a long-term nonprofit development project (more on the project in a future post!).

Serving relationships

Over the 18 months, my practice has continued to serve diverse relationships, as well as individuals.  About a third of the relationships I work with are monogamous, the other two-thirds consensually non-monogamous (CNM). There is much to be learned about committed relationships from working with both relational types.


Deeper understanding

Diverse relational clients have deepened my understandings about personal development and committed relationships. I never think that one form of relationship as “better” than another, or ever work in that way. Different relationships & systems shape people in different ways.

head and heart


Most (not all) open relationships I work with operate in a hierarchy, with primary and secondary relationship importance. These partners typically experience the tensions of a “mono/poly” relationship that can bounce between two very different sets of values.

Eros/Sex/Relational diversity

I’ve also continued working with erotically, sexually and relationally diverse clients, across the wide spectrum practiced in greater Seattle and Washington. They are an evolved cutting edge of imaginative eros and sex, supported by durable subcultures. They thrive on fluid genders and orientations.

Multi-flag poly kinky leather


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