Looking at erotic and relational life

Eros god of erotiicism

I look at eroticism, sexuality, consensual non-monogamy (CNM) and monogamy. I see and embrace their fluidity. How was it decided to focus on these parts of life?

Primary drivers

The reason is that relationships and sexuality are primary drivers of …

Tension (Narratives, Part 8)

Before picking up on any of the many threads that might come from Narratives, Part 7, I think it’s best in this follow-up to go in the ‘opposite’ direction instead.

That would be a focus on the single most important …

Narratives, Part 7

Let’s look at different narratives here in Part 7. Each creates a tension that frames an alternate version of reality turned on its head. Normal social rules are suspended. Adults can creatively seek out these experiences, wanting to feel alive …