Seattle Therapist: Twitter


Starting Twitter

I’m starting a Twitter feed in the right sidebar, with some faith that a brief expression of a true feeling or idea is still a truthful moment. I’ve avoided Twitter up to now, while admiring its ability to …

Online Therapy Using VSee Instead of Skype

What Is VSee?

online therapyUPDATE 4/1/20: VSee no longer provides service to this office. GoToMeeting was selected due to its reliability, technical quality and security.

For all online therapy appointments, I use VSee instead of Skype. VSee calls its product …

Relationship & Couples Therapy: How Long Will It Take?

Couples seeking relationship and couples therapy in Seattle sometimes ask a particular question when we set up a first appointment on the phone: “How long will couples therapy take?” I’d like to discuss some common reasons for that question, and …