By: Robert Odell, LISCW

Looking at erotic and relational life

I look at eroticism, sexuality, consensual non-monogamy (CNM) and monogamy. I see and embrace their fluidity. How was it decided to focus on these parts of life? Primary drivers The reason is that relationships and sexuality are primary drivers of personal development (and are therefore “stressful”). They both tap into

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Tension (Narratives, Part 8)

Before picking up on any of the many threads that might come from Narratives, Part 7, I think it’s best in this follow-up to go in the ‘opposite’ direction instead. That would be a focus on the single most important concept in adult erotic narrative formation, before tempting any others.

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Narratives, Part 7

Let’s look at different narratives here in Part 7. Each creates a tension that frames an alternate version of reality turned on its head. Normal social rules are suspended. Adults can creatively seek out these experiences, wanting to feel alive and free. Keeping it brief I’m focusing on one and

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Comparing and competing

A brief break from the Narratives series to cover an important point about growth in committed relationships. It’s about relationship regression. Erotic push Erotic narratives push personal growth. Pushing personal growth means that regressions or setbacks will occur. People who push forward often get anxious (and try to manage it).

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Narratives, Part 6

I’ve been mapping out how erotic templates build into erotic narratives in relationships for a long time. One way to start is looking at narratives connected to erotic arousal. Before reviewing some better known erotic narratives, it helps to ask: what makes any narrative tick? Tension An erotic narrative contains

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