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Ethically Non-Monogamous

Non-monogamous relationships have always been a part of civilized life. Yet non-monogamy has also evolved rapidly over the last 50 years. It’s entered mainstream relational & social life in many societies, although within limits and constraints.

Non-monogamous people are most often raised in monogamy-oriented households, and grew up within that dominant culture. Non-monogamy sharply redefines monogamy’s model of attachment and commitment.  

As a result of changing those two parts of relationship, non-monogamy also changes the framework for how desire is expressed –  its most prominent feature. They are all major changes that can take years for partners to grasp and practice ethically.

ENM has emerged as model for non-monogamy to operate within principles that display integrity, morality and ethics. It’s learning how to be a good citizen in a community. 

ENM is a personal development process – whether you begin your adult relational life in this way, or you make a transition to it. At its best, ENM steers people to develop a strong, clear sense of self.

ENM is a map for those who responsibly want and choose concurrent partners. It’s a framework for including – and making significant agreements with – more people in your life.

“Consensual” requires informed consent, including transparency and self-disclosure. “Ethical” adds a standard of decency, a mindful awareness of the effect of your relationship choices.

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