Individual Counseling And Therapy For Depression & Anxiety

Anxiety and Depression Counseling & Therapy

I provide individual counseling services and therapy, working with people in Seattle, WA who are experiencing depression (including bipolar types) and anxiety. It is important to treat both as promptly and thoroughly as possible.

I also provide individual counseling and therapy to individuals dealing with problems related to relationships, grief and work. Problems in these areas are capable of producing depression and anxiety symptoms. 

Depression and anxiety are not meant to be seen as isolated symptoms. They can be signs that a whole system is driving a healthy self to grow.


I work with clients who want change in their personal, social and professional lives. In most cases, relational issues lie at the heart of the problem, and these can lead to symptoms of depression and anxiety. But I see the symptoms as normal to a new sense of an increasingly differentiated self. Progress and resolution begin when clients start clarifying who they are and want to be, in relation to family and others.

Grief and Grieving

I often work with people who have lost a loved family member, friend or cherished coworker, either suddenly or over time. This work includes ongoing work with groups, collectively grieving a recent death and beginning to make new meaning of the loss together.

Being in close proximity to death can teach us about how we want to live. Grieving is a passage into maturity, accepting life on life’s terms. When grief begins suddenly or with trauma, the passage is more complicated. There’s greater risk for depression and anxiety.

Together, we can explore the many forms that grieving can take, bringing it into the mainstream of living fully, emotionally, and trusting oneself. This is less about “stages of grief” as it is about the human condition when death and loss make their way into it.

Work And Career

Work is central to well-being and personal development. We see this in work stress/loss, and during periods of good fit. Core parts of life – sleep, diet, energy, mood and relationships – can be disturbed by work stress. I have helped clients address co-worker and supervisory problems, team and group dynamics, individual work “performance”, legal & ethical violations, career direction, mergers & acquisitions, layoffs (“RIFs”), reorganizations, and relocation to and from other communities.

I am closely connected to the everyday work environment (see Critical Incident Management Services) and provide corporate counseling and training. My background includes 17 years as an executive, entrepreneur and consultant. My Masters in Social Work (MSW) program specialized in occupational and industrial mental health.

Robert Odell LICSW / Counseling & Therapy