Critical Incident Stress Management Services

Incidents in which health or life are suddenly lost or threatened (“Critical Incidents“) can occur in any organization. These incidents can have impacts on morale, productivity and retention. There can also be longer-term challenges and costs.

Yet it is also true that high quality critical incident stress management services can result in wide-ranging human resources gains.

On-Site Approach

I have developed a successful on-site approach to helping organizations develop the most positive short and long-term outcomes. Working with staff and management, I help companies begin to convert tragedy and loss towards greater teamwork and positive experience.

Resilience & mutual support

My interventions with groups and individuals harness resilience and desire for mutual support. Onsite consultations with leadership, management and human resources professionals create effective responses, and can tie directly to new incident response procedures and protocols.

Cost-effective intervention

Loss experiences can bring teams and companies closer together. The goal is making cost-effective intervention and consultation available for the client – employees, managers and owners.

In-Depth Experience

I have served in a wide range of situations, including felonies, suicides and sudden fatalities, terrorism (9/11/01), industrial accidents, natural disasters, grief counseling, layoffs and more. National, regional and local EAP programs have referred to me for 20 years.

Training received includes Justice Institute of British Columbia and the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation.

Robert Odell LICSW