Relationship & Couples Therapy: Can We Master Jealousy?


Therapy For Jealousy

As a relationship therapist, I want to find ways that my clients can understand and master their jealousy, reducing the damage it can cause, and facilitating a process of personal and relational development. Jealousy is a stressful signal that partner differentiation …

Seattle Therapist: Stress and Depression – What’s In A Diagnosis?

Meaning of “Stress” and “Depression”

According to a recent book review, two books have raised provocative points about the most common complaints that clients present to psychotherapists: stress* and depression. While the books have very different ways of treating …

Social Work Perspective: How Will This Therapist “Do Better”?

Not only as a sentient adult, but also as the parent of a middle schooler, my emotional life since last Friday morning’s holocaust at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT. has been rocked with pain and grief.

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