Status Report

I have been working on a philanthropic project for the last 5 months, and it appears this work will continue for a while. The project has indeed taken me away from this blog. I will return.

Until then, please enjoy the several years’ worth of content that’s here. It’s the kind of personal information I believe I should share, while remaining anchored in the work we do. My goal was to let you in on some of my thinking.

I am glad that my practice has become increasingly oriented towards relationship. I am privileged to work with many who rightly understand that their relational, erotic and sexual orientations and preferences are not that widely understood or accepted amongst mental health professionals. (I am hopeful for the professions though. Being open to feedback and pursuing improvement is a value built into most Masters’ level and post-graduate training.)

Until my fuller return to the blog, please do make use of my Twitter feed on this site. I try to fulfill its mission of integrating mental & sexual health, all kinds of research and unpredictable bursts of erotica. The goal is the same as the blog: to be seen and known through the work.

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