First Appointment Process Now Begins Online

Online Intake Process For New Clients

My office uses a secure online intake process for new clients. This is a ‘paper-less’ process that also saves time. The new process allows you to:

  • complete all the necessary forms
  • help schedule our personal phone conversation to set the appointment and answer other questions

Confirming The Appointment

Although the intake is now online, a phone conversation is the other key part of the process. I’ll answer your questions and then work out the time for your first appointment. Appointments are secured with either a credit, debit or banking information, so please have that information handy when we speak.

Please Browse The Site

This site has both basic and more advanced information about me and my practice, including this blog. The information is designed to inform you, and browsing for a few minutes should make our phone conversation more informative, productive and efficient.

 Your Time Is Appreciated

I know it takes time to review this site, and decide who is likely to be the best professional to serve you. Please take the time to make your best decision for your emotional, psychological and relational well-being.

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